West Bend Hi­Rise Breadmaker Review

West Bend have been producing affordable and quality kitchen appliances for the home to consumers for over 100 years now, and this bread machine is one of our favourite on the market.

Named HI-RISE breadmaker because of the results you get from the dual kneading blade system inside, giving your bread a lighter consistency, and a higher rise.

There’s great attention to detail in the Hi­Rise Breadmaker, and home cooks can even choose their favourite crust type from a choice of three different settings.

Additionally cooks can make a range of delicious produce with this bread machine, and it makes learning how a breeze.

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For such a simple machine the Hi­Rise bread maker from West Bend is packed full of so many handy features that it’s hard to know where to start.

One of our favourite features though is the programme which allows you to delay the start time for as many hours as you please up to 13. This feature delivers us affordable technology that was once unimaginable, simply go to bed, or to work, and when you next arrive in the kitchen you can have the highest quality, all healthy, homemade bread sitting waiting for you.

The bread can be perfectly warm for when you need it, and what’s more you can stroll into your kitchen in the morning to find the beautiful aroma of freshly baked bread in your kitchen, yet you don’t remember hiring an in house chef…

As well as the fantastic taste we get from baking bread at home, we are also making the choice to eat more healthily. This is so important, that’s why it’s great to see features like the Gluten­Free baking option settings on this bread maker.

You’ll also receive an instruction manual for how to use the Hi­Rise bread maker for baking garlic bread, wheat bread, bagel, pasta, pizza dough, and more.



The design of the Hi­Rise bread machine from West Bend is small, lightweight, and comes in a discreet black.

Simply open the lid, and everything you’ll ever need to use is visible making it easy enough for even the biggest kitchen amateurs to get to work.

The traditional style bread pan inside can be used for making 3 different sizes of the traditional loaf, as well as other tasty treats we’ve already mentioned, cakes, and more.

The settings are pre-programmed for easy and immediate use, and other features like different loaf sizes, and crust type are easy to navigate.

Finally inside you find a dual blade kneading system which gives a boost to the performance of the Hi­Rise bread maker for lighter and softer bread.

From the point of view of appearance this one isn’t the most premium design, and the material does look a little cheaper than some other models on the market like this one from Cuisinart. For these reasons we’re giving the design rating for the West Bend Hi­Rise bread machine a solid 4 / 5.


Check The Latest Price Now! Check The Latest Price Now!


Ease of Use
With the instruction leaflet in hand you’re ready to go forth and conquer the baking domain! Friends, family, and other lucky guests will be stunned and envious of your new little gadget, and the fact that it’s actually so easy can stay your little secret.

There are only 6 buttons to navigate: Start / Stop, Menu, Loaf size, Crust colour, and time + and, all fairly self-explanatory.

For the wide variety of uses that can achieved by anyone at home with the Hi­Rise bread maker, as well as the great results and personal features with just a few button clicks we have to give the Hi-­Rise bread maker from West Bend top marks with 5 / 5.


Value for Money
The West Bend bread machine definitely comes in at the lower end of the price range compared with the rest of the market. Plus it can often be found reduced making the appeal even greater.

Despite the low price though this home bread maker offers plenty of great features, with plenty of choice, in a sleek and easy to use design, making it exceptional value for money.

For this reason, we’ve got no choice but to rate it top marks again for value for money. 5/5.



We find in the West Bend Hi­Rise home bread maker all of the features needed to make dozens of different types of bread, as well as other exciting options to spice up your weekly meal routine, and even to save you some money in the long­term, and generally giving you a greater feeling of self­sufficiency.

In terms of value for money there can be no complaints, and the same can be said for easy use. The design has plenty of fantastic and simple features, and comes in a neat but simple and stripped back design.

The West Bend bread maker is slightly more basic than more premium options, but is more than fantastic for a variety of small­scale home baking needs.

For these reasons we here at Makingmybread have given the Hi­Rise from West Bend bread maker an impressive overall score of 4.5.


Scores on the doors for consumers
We also checked out what scores of customer and users of the Hi­Rise breadmaker thought about it to find that they also gave resounding praise to the model, with almost 80% giving a rating of four or five.

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