Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Bread Maker Review

Here we have the HomeBaker Bread Machine from Hamilton beach, an exceptional choice for newcomers to home baking, but equally for home baking pros who’ll enjoy simplicity, ease of use, and value for money without compromising on great quality.

Though this bread maker isn’t the most glamorous, it is a discrete and subtle design that fits neatly into the corner of your kitchen counter, and which is built to be sturdy and long­lasting.

What we love most about the Hamilton Beach Homebaker bread machine is that it is absolutely foolproof, and anyone can be baking simple but delicious and healthy artisan bread within minutes.

As you progress the bread machine makes being more adventurous easy, and settings which allow you to add ingredients as the bread bakes allows for easy use, as well as spontaneous bread making.

Add your ingredients and just carry on with your life, the bread machine will let you know when the bread’s ready, so baking at home needn’t be a trade­off with your busy life.

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The HomeBaker bread machine is a fully self­contained unit for easy home baking of preservative and trans-fat free bread. Additional features allow you to choose between a variety of bread types including: sourdough, french bread, gluten­free, sweet bread, cakes, and more. You can also choose express options for a variety of different sized, smaller loafs.

Other features go beyond baking for your toast and sandwiches, extending to dough perfect for pizza, tart, or pie recipes at home.

The HomeBaker bread maker is also your sous chef in the kitchen, and can be programmed for a variety of tasks, we particularly like that you can ask it to give you audio reminders for adding seeds, fruits, nuts or whatever else, at the time you need to.

Finally, even the cleaning and maintenance is hassle­free with this model from Hamilton Beach bread machine, the bread pan is suitable for dishwashing, as are the paddles.

There is a handy little demo video available here if you’d like to see more.




The design comes in either black with grey or white with grey, the choice is yours and you probably want to consider you kitchen surface, wall tiles, and cupboard colours first.

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is quite compact, and fits neatly out of the way on the kitchen side, and doesn’t take up too much cupboard space when stored which is handy if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

For practical purposes the design couldn’t really be any more simple, and you get the gist of how it works just by looking at it (though full instructions are included!). Just pop open the lid, inside is the pan for your ingredients, return pan to Bread maker, close lid and press the button to start baking your first loaf / baguette / pizza dough.

Though the design is small enough, simple to use, and cost­effective, it is missing a certain je ne sais quoi which you can find with more premium models on the market. For this reason, we’ve rated the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker bread maker with 4 out of 5 stars for design.

Ease of Use
As we’ve said one of the major perks to the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker bread machine is the simplicity. Many people who’d love to bake at home have either avoided it through fear of cost, or difficulty, and the HomeBaker is perfect in both these respects.

There are only 6 buttons in total, and a small display screen that tells you what you’re doing so you can’t go wrong. You’ll also find a handy key on the lid just above the buttons to help you to navigate.

For ease of use we give the Hamilton Beach Homebaker bread machine a full five stars!


Value for Money
Again we have to salute Hamilton Beach for bringing a home bread baking machine to the market for a price that anyone can afford. If you replace your sugary, trans­fat filled super­market loaf with a machine like this you’ll be making your money back within a year.

If however you’re more ambitious in the kitchen and also take advantage of the wonderful features for making dough for pies, pizzas, cakes and more then it won’t take more than a couple of weeks to make your money, especially if you’re treating friends and family to your homemade produce.




We find a really generous mix of high­quality, a wide array of uses, and brilliant simplicity all for excellent value for money with this model, and our average gives the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker bread machine an impressive 4.5 / 5 rating.

Making a move to baking bread at home can be life changing, and the days when few could afford it is now long gone thanks to products like this. All consumers need to do is take the leap of faith, and this made particularly easy thanks to the great features, design, and value of products the HomeBaker bread machine.


Scores on the doors for consumers
Though we’ve rated them all, and bought you only the best home bread baking machines available, it’s still great to see what the users / customers have said. On this occasion we’re exactly in agreement with what the Hamilton Beach customer has said, 4.5 / 5.

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