6 Best Bread Knife Reviews of 2017 | Best-Sellers Only!

The best bread knife is what we’re interested in here! And we’ve done Bread Knife Reviews on the market from a range of prices to help you choose the right one for your needs!

A bread knife is an essential kitchen staple, and a must have for home bakers looking to make the most out of a bread maker machine. Chefs are known for saying that in a kitchen you only need three knives:

Best Bread Knife Reviews

  1. The chef knife
    The 8 inch chef knife is the number one priority, and will be your go to for anything from chopping veg, to slicing steak or carving birds
  2. The paring knife
    The smallest knife you’ll need in the kitchen is the paring knife. Essential for plenty of skills around the kitchen from peeling vegetables to cutting garlic.
  3. The bread knife
    Finally the bread knife is hailed as the third essential knife for a chef in the kitchen for it’s ability to do what no other can, slicing bread!

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TOP Bread Knife Reviews

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1 – Shun Premier Bread Knife

Shun Cutlery is produced by the renowned blade makers at Kai Corporation. Seki City has been the heart of the Japanese cutlery trade since the 13th century, and for over a century Kai have been producing the finest premium kitchen blades on offer.

The blade is layered with Damascus steel, and is finished by hand with a hammering technique which remains visible on the blade.

The bread knife measures 9 inches in length and the blade is serrated to slice through the bread without damaging the shape and appearance.

We should mention though that our reviews do include models on the higher end of the price scale ­ just like this one. However we do highly recommend that investing in just a few key knives for your kitchen can be worthwhile in the long­term, and it’s especially worthwhile if you’ve invested in a bread maker at home.


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2 – Wusthof Classic 10­Inch Bread Knife

Wusthof is a really nice traditional knife maker company, and you should really know a little of their story. The company is over 200 years old, and was founded in Solingen, Germany.

Since the company has grown and recruited dedicated fans all over the world, plus the same family still own and run the company, and they still craft in the same city they were founded.

The main features to note with this classic bread knife is that it comes with a decent long length, suitable for a range of bread shapes and sizes. The blade is made from high­carbon stainless steel, with a sharp serrated edge.

The blade certainly isn’t the cheapest on the market, but for a professional quality, hard­wearing kitchen knife the price is really reasonable, and as we’ve said it’s certainly worth the investment in a good bread knife if you bake at home. Plus the knife comes with a life­time guarantee from the manufacturers.


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3 – Shun Classic 9­inch Bread Knife

As we said earlier the Shun company have a great history of Japanese craftsmanship for blade making, and this is their classic 9­inch bread knife. The blade is on the shorter side, though it’s ideal for any type of bread, the sharp blade is perfect for neatly slicing through baguettes, and tasty homemade breads.

The blade is made from 16 layers of stainless steel to make it absolutely rust­proof, with a serrated edge to prevent the tearing of your bread. The main design element which separates this bread knife model from most of the knives on the market is the level of expertise which goes into the forging of the blade.

Again the price is very reasonable for this model compared to some premium models, though it is certainly priced well above what a budget bread knife can be found for. This said with a purchase like this you’ll find a life­time friend. Houses and cars will come and go, but your Shun blade will stay with you!


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4 – Wusthof Classic 9­Inch Bread Knife

Little brother to the 10­inch model, is the Wusthof 4150­7 classic 9­inch bread knife which can also be bought in an 8­inch variation, and you can also find a set complete with a Wusthof cutting board.The 9 inch serrated blade is tipped with a triangular edge, made for an even smoother slice.

The most important part of the bread knife is the serrated edge, and having a high­quality and durable blade is what makes all the difference. This model is forged from high­carbon stainless­steel, and the blade is finished by being sharpened by hand to make it razor sharp.

This bread knife comes in a little lower on the price scale than the other’s we’ve reviewed, and also comes dishwasher ready, whereas the 10­inch needs to be washed by hand. Plus as with all Wusthof products the Classic 9­inch bread knife comes with a lifetime warranty.


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5 – Victorinox 10­¼ Inch Wavy­Edge Bread Knife

This bread knife from Victorinox is a really unique design making it stand out from the competition. Made in Switzerland the Victorinox bread knife comes with a wavy­edge, as opposed to a more traditional serrated edge.

The blade is made to cut through even harder crusts, as well as tough fruit peel ­ a job usually reserved for the paring knife. Plus the blade comes in at a really low price compared to the other knifes we’ve reviewed.

The blade is made from high­carbon steel to provide maximum sharpness, and a technique involving cold­rolled steel means that the blade comes all the way to the handle without the need for bolstering. Though it is recommended that you hand wash the blade, so keep that in mind.

Finally, the handle is made from a gorgeous and resilient rose­wood, designed with an ergonomic shape for the perfect balance and the best comfort.


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6 – Victorinox 47547 10­¼ inch Wavy­Edge Bread Knife

You may or may not recognise the name Victorinox, but you probably know the brand.

You know those little swiss army knives that you see sold the world­over, you know the world famous brand with the Swiss red and white cross emblem? Well, that’s Victorinox, and they also design and manufacture cutlery, timepieces and more.

This model is a professional bread knife at it’s most basic. This isn’t a bad thing though, and if you’re looking for a professional knife, one with all of the most important components, but a little less flashy, then this might be for you.

Despite coming in at far less for price than the other great models we’ve reviewed here, the 47547 from Victorinox still features a long professional knife blade, made from high quality carbon steel, that is machine washable and with a handle made from their patented Fibrox. The Fibrox is a slip­resistant material, protecting your blade from damage, but more importantly making it safer for you.


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Looking After Your Bread Knife

It’s always worth taking proper care when looking after a fine instrument like a premium quality bread knife. Different knives have some different requirements, but there are a few simple steps common to most that you should know to take proper care of your new bread knife.

First of all, is your knife dishwashable? Some blades need special cleaning, and you should use gentle soaps, and wash by hand. Other models are fine to be put in the dishwasher and you needn’t worry too much about which soap you use, always be sure to check the individual instructions.

Best Bread Knife Reviews

But generally you shouldn’t leave the knife to soak in water for long periods, and after hand cleaning, wipe the knife dry immediately rather than leaving it to dry. Most blades are crafted specially not to rust, but this is all the more reason to take good care of them.

Also don’t treat you kitchen instruments like your common eating utensils, the two shouldn’t be stored together. Instead you should use a decent knife block for storing all of your kitchen knives, including the bread knife.

Do you know who Invented sliced bread?


Care for your Best Bread Knife & Extend Its Life

Next you need to think about maintenance. Taking care of your knives requires no special training, and few tools to get started. All knives regardless of quality will last longer, and remain effective for longer if they are properly sharpened,

Just purchase a sharpening stone, they’re easy to get hold of, and needn’t cost a fortune. Once you have the stone, whatever the knife, run the stone downward toward the tip of the blade, repeat this motion 10 to 12 times, and repeat for each side.

It will depend how often you use your knife as to how often you’ll need to sharpen it. Generally you’ll sharpen your chef knife the most, since it’s used the most, and for the most heavy duty jobs. But every month of couple of months is better than anything, and we find it’s best to start with a little. And once you start enjoying the benefits you’ll find yourself doing it more quite naturally.

Best Bread Knife Comparison Chart

Shun Premier Bread Knife$$$9-InchDishwasher safeSerrated Blade
Wusthof Classic Bread Knife
$$10-InchWashing by hand recommendedSerrated Blade
Shun DM0705 Classic Bread Knife
$$9-Inch Hand wash and dry recommendedSerrated Blade
Wusthof 4150-7 Classic Bread Knife
$$9-InchDishwasher safeSerrated Blade
Victorinox Wavy Edge Bread Knife, Rosewood Handle
$10-1/4-InchHand washing recommendedSerrated Blade
Victorinox 47547 Wavy Bread Knife, Black Fibrox Handle
$10-1/4-InchHand washing recommendedSerrated Blade

Bottom Line

With that we come to the conclusion of bread knife list from Makingmybread. We’ve been through the bread knives the world can offer. And shown that attaining professional quality kitchen knives can be done at a value reasonable enough for use at home.

Also, we hope you’ll agree with us that investing a little more on the best bread knife is important. Furthermore, it is one of the chef’s recommended 3 kitchen knives. Plus you can see how as a partner to your new way of life as a home baker, a high quality bread knife is a kitchen must. Thanks again for reading Bread Knife Reviews compiled by makingMYbread Editors.



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